GAVX Video Conference System sales for all your Polycom Videoconference Equipment Needs.
GAVX Video Conference System sales for all your Polycom Videoconference Equipment Needs. Polycom RealPresence Group Series 500
  • Meeting Room Video Conference System
  • Connect to Multiple Cameras and Monitors
  • Multipoint, HD 1080p & Lync Solution Options
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    RealPresence Group 500

    The Polycom RealPresence Group 500 solution is ideal for conference rooms and other collaborative environments, from small meeting rooms to larger rooms with dual screens. Powerful video and audio performance and interactive content collaboration bring users closer together. The compact, sleek design is easily hidden out of sight, keeping your rooms clutter-free.

    Effectively sharing and collaborating with content across disparate teams is critical. With the Polycom RealPresence Group 500 solution there are multiple ways to share and collaborate: whiteboarding, annotating, sharing applications on a computer or tablet-all part of a comprehensive, collaborative video session.

    Click for large view of RPG 500.

    Polycom RPG 500 Acoustic
    Polycom RealPresence Group 500 features a compact footprint that is easily placed out of the way to keep your rooms clutter-free. Polycom EagleEye Acoustic camera takes just seconds to mount on a flat-panel display, delivers excellent 1080p image quality and is optimized for smaller groups.

    Click for large view of Polycom RPG 500 with an EagleEye IV Camera.

    Polycom RPG 500 EagleEye IV
    In many smaller rooms participants sit closer to the camera, which can make it difficult to capture everyone in view. The Polycom EagleEye IV camera features a powerful optical zoom and optional wide-angle lens to overcome these challenges, along with a 4k sensor that captures incredible detail and brilliant image quality. There are two versions of the EagleEye IV. One version has a 4x zoom and the other comes with a 12x zoom.

    HD 1080p Option
    RealPresence Group Series 500 codecs are designed as 1080p60 capable but sold as HD 720. HD 1080p can be activated via an optional license key, providing the flexibility to make calls at 720p, 1080p, or 1080p60.

    Multipoint Option
    The Multipoint Software option allows the RealPresence Group Series 500 to bridge together up to six (6) meeting rooms, across the street or around the world; into one virtual meeting. Collaborate face-to-face using presentation graphics to make decisions quickly without the jet-lag, unproductive travel time, and lost opportunities at home.

    View of a Polycom RPG 310 in use.

    Buy RPG 500 Online

    Group 500 Acoustic:  $4,519
  • RealPresence Group 500 - 720p Codec
  • EagleEye Acoustic Camera & Remote
  • Camera Cable, CAT5, HDMI & Pwr Cord
  • Required 1-Yr Service $783 Added to Cart Price
  • Group 500 EagleEyeIV-4x:  $6,199
  • RealPresence Group 500 - 720p Codec
  • EagleEyeIV-4x Camera, Mic & Remote
  • Camera Cable, CAT5, HDMI & Pwr Cord
  • Required 1-Yr Service $1,042 Added to Cart Price
  • Group 500 EagleEyeIV-12x:  $7,103
  • RealPresence Group 500 - 720p Codec
  • EagleEyeIV-12x Camera, Mic & Remote
  • Camera Cable, CAT5, HDMI & Pwr Cord
  • Required 1-Yr Service $1,195 Added to Cart Price
    • Technical Specifications
    • Video Input: 1 x HDCI, 1 x HDMI 1.3, & 1 x VGA
    • Video Output: 2 x HDMI 1.3
    • People Video Resolution: 720p, 60fps at 832k, 720p, 30fps at 512k
    • Content Input Resolution: People+Content IP up to 720p at 30fps
    • Content Output Resolution: HD up 1080p
    • Call Speed for H.323 and/or SIP up to 3 Mbps
    • Audio Inputs: 1 x RPG Microphone Array Input Port (Supporting up to 2 Microphone Arrays), 1 x HDCI (Acoustic Camera Microphone)
    • Audio Output 1 x HDMI, 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Line-Out
    • IPv4 and IPv6 Support
    • Media Encryption (H.323, SIP): AES-128, AES-256
    • Polycom Lost Packet RecoveryTM

    Polycom Service Agreements
    Polycom requires the purchase of a one-year service agreement to accompany any new videoconference equipment purchase. The required service agreement provides for technical support by phone, overnight replacement of failed components, and unlimited access to software upgrades. We recommend Total Coverage because of the higher experience level of their technicians and more professional handling of customer concerns.

    Click for large rear view of the Polycom RealPresence Group Series 310 connections.

    RealPresence Group Series
    RealPresence Group 310, 500 or 700, combining great video experiences and a new breakthrough simple interface with the broadest interoperability. Polycom continues to lower the total cost of ownership of video collaboration by extending the benefits of H.264 High Profile to 1080p60 people and content. You experience whole new levels of realism with up to 50 percent less bandwidth.

    Video System . US is your Polycom videoconference equipment price and service value store.
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    Software Options
    1080p HD License $2186
    Lync Interop License $729
    Multipoint Lic.6-way $2259
    RPG Accessories
    AC Power Supply $115
  • Use with Group 300, 310 & 500
  • Polycom RPG AC Power Kit.
    Remote Control $221
    Polycom RPG Remote Control.
    RealPresence Touch $1549
    Polycom RealPresence Touch
    Mic Array & Cable $530
    Polycom Touch Control.
    Service Agreements
    RPG 500 Acoustic Camera One Year $783
    Three Year $1827
    RPG 500 EEIV-4x Camera One Year $1042
    Three Year $2429
    RPG 500 EEIV-12x Camera One Year $1195
    Three Year $2785
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