See GAVX for all your Polycom VSX 5000 Videoconferencing System Needs. Polycom VSX 5000
  • Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
  • Primary Monitor Can Be VGA Or TV
  • H.264 IP For High Quality On Low Bandwidth
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    People+Content IP S/W

    People+ContentTM IP - Share PC content cable free with the conference participants - no need to connect your PC to the VSX - even works for audio add participants! Always shows the people and the data simultaneously.

    Polycom People+Content IP Software key.

    P+C IP SW Key: $699
  • VSX 5000 Brochure
  • VSX 5000: Compact, Economical, and Versatile

    Ideal for smaller conference spaces, the new entry-level Polycom VSX 5000 set-top system brings marketleading video and audio quality within an affordable price. A real space-saver, it sits conveniently on top of TVs, high-resolution plasma screens, or LCD displays. You can easily add a peripheral (document camera, or VCR/DVD), dual monitors, and audio-only callers through ISDN or the SoundStation VTX 1000. In fact, the VSX 5000 gives you multiple ways of dialing conference attendees and employing various types of content (for example, pictures, presentations, movies, audio files). Connection options encompass IP, ISDN, and SIP dialing, so you can utilize the VSX 5000 in a variety of conference environments.

    The VSX 5000 is also well-suited for educational resource rooms where smaller groups of students meet with a remote educational specialist, and remote medical clinics that deliver specialist care to patients hundreds of kilometers from home.

    The VSX 5000 includes multiple ways to add content. Show high-res images, movies or presentations in your meetings while also sharing video. And, you can share PC content cable-free using Polycom's unique People+ContentTM IP technology. Choose either a VGA display or a TV as your main display, whichever suits your conferencing environment. Integrated electronic Pan-Tilt- Zoom (PTZ) camera has fewer moving parts than mechanical PTZ cameras yet retains 70% of their viewing range. Fewer moving parts means greater reliability. The dual monitor option allows you to show people on one display and shared content on the other display or use dual monitor emulation for single display solutions.

    Polycom VSX 5000 rear view with connection interfaces.

    Premium quality video at any bandwidth with smooth natural motion and sharp, clear images. Employs standard-based H.264 compression and Pro-MotionTM video for optimal viewing. Polycom StereoSurroundTM delivers crisp, natural voice clarity - even when multiples parties are speaking simultaneously by using dual channel, SirenTM 14 technology.

    Polycom V500 Web Access

    Primary VSX 5000 Features

    • IP data rates up to 768Kbps (H.323 and SIP)
    • ISDN connectivity: up to QBRI
    • Integrated main camera with electronic pan/tilt/zoom
    • Connect to any TV or XGA display
    • H.264 video for optimal video at any data rate
    • Multiple ways to share and show data, including cable-free with People+Content IP)
    • Dual monitor emulation for viewing people and/or data in separate screens on one monitor
    • Crystal clear sound with Siren 14TM audio
    • Voice clarity during simultaneous conversations with Polycom StereoSurroundTM
    • The industry's best QoS over IP networks with iPriorityTM
    • Excellent room coverage using the Polycom Microphone Array with multiple microphones for true 360 coverage
    • Secure calling anytime with embedded AES encryption

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    Polycom VSX 5000: $3,199

    VSX 5400 Presenter: $4,699
  • VSX 5000 Base
  • People+Content IP
  • Visual Concert VSX
  • Quad BRI Interface: $1,199

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