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Polycom Videoconference System Training
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Professional Video Conferencing System Training gets users comfortable and effective quickly.
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    Videoconferencing System Use:
    Onsite, Hands-On Equipment Training for Executives and Staff

    GAVX trains end-users on how to set-up a call and how to use the equipment. We will conduct the training on your new equipment in your videoconference rooms. Executives and other staff members will be taught to use the remote to manipulate the camera position and zoom. They will be taught how to change between video and data views. We will help them through test calls so that they will be comfortable with the new technology.

    Optimizing Videoconference Meetings:
    Power User Techniques to Increase the Return on Investment

    GAVX will teach you and your staff the techniques that will make all other forms of communication truly obsolete. We will show you how to incorporate data into your meetings. We will show users how to control lighting, movement and sound characteristics to enhance the overall quality of the communication. We advise users about opportunities to use videoconferencing to enhance business customer relationships. We inform executives of marketing applications that have been proven effective by other companies. We will also talk about the power of videoconferencing as a Human Resource Management tool by providing distance learning, candidate interviews, and critical employee updates for remote offices. Finally, we will show users how they can more effectively collaborate on design and planning initiatives by pooling resources throughout their organization using video and data conferencing techniques.

    Videoconference Communications Management:
    Administration of Videoconference Solution Facilities and Networks

    As we implement the system we will advise IT staff, administrative personnel, and facility managers on proven techniques to manage conference room utilization, network connections, bandwidth optimization, and other resources used by the videoconference system solution. We will teach them trouble-shooting skills associated with the video system. We will introduce them to our maintenance and support operations so that they will feel comfortable using them when necessary.

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