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Visual Concert FX shares application data in a video conference meeting.
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    Work Collaboration Systems
    Meet and Analyze Data with Co-Workers Thousands of Miles Away

    Product Design, Legal Negotiations, Medical Research, and Civil Engineering- all involve sharing data- often with other professionals in offices half way around the world. The meeting shown on the left is using two monitors. One is for observing facial expressions and body language with the discussion. The other monitor simultaneously shows the data being discussed. Here, a participant's laptop application is being shared through Polycom's Visual Concert.

    Visual Concert FX  transmits high resolution SXGA (1280 x 1024) live graphics and high quality audio at speeds up to 15 fps with Polycom ViewStation FX and 4000 systems; even on multi-point calls. Just plug in your laptop, desktop or Macintosh to the Visual Concert FX and begin sending images from business applications, proprietary applications, the Internet, rendering applications or even a video clip, all at the touch of a button. While viewing up to four sites on four monitors, captivate the audience's attention with Dual Stream graphics on a high-resolution projection system. Click on its image for more details.

    Visual Concert VSX

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    Elmo EV-2000 Visual Presenter

    The Elmo EV-2000 Visual Presenter  is a document camera that allows print material or small 3-D objects to be shared. Those objects could be a proto-type part or maybe the results of a beta test; where wear on the part is of concern. Zoom in on the tiny grooves of wear, discuss changes, create a plan, and all before 9am. Talk about time-to-market. This technology changes the rules of business forever.

    Features include manual or auto-focus, rotating camera head, lights, zoom, RS-232 port and S-Video output.

    Electronic Whiteboard  attaches to any whiteboard and captures diagrams, drawings, formulas, and meeting notes as you create them, so they can be viewed by remote participants, saved, and printed.

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    Electronic Whiteboard
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