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Videoconferencing Needs Analysis
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GAVX consultants analize videoconference and business ROI needs.
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    Business Requirements:
    Understanding the Client's Culture, Customers & Return on Investment

    A GAVX Needs Analysis will uncover the important business implications that will affect your organization's actual Return On Investment (ROI). We will study the way your organization obtains and retains customers. We will look at your typical customer profile. We will also review the profile associated with your most important, largest, or most profitable customers.

    The current method of internal and external communications, with both its positive and negative aspects, will be reviewed. We will look at where your locations are and where your customer locations are. Press and investor meetings may be important to consider. Large sales and service organizations have their own sets of needs. Sometimes it is the smaller organizations, and especially the smaller offices, that will reap the highest rewards from the more personal communications format that videoconferencing can provide. System costs and cash-flow considerations are important too. The types of meetings that business analysis reveals should be done on a videoconference system, will determine the solution we recommend.

    Network Considerations:
    Reviewing the Client's Network Resources

    GAVX specializes in network connectivity. We will review your current network, along with the ROI and other business factors described above, before making our recommendation.

    GAVX consultants analize internal and external communications needs.

    Environmental Analysis:
    Determine the Correct Video & Sound System Configuration

    We will look at each environment, that has been identified as a potential beneficiary of a videoconference system, to determine the correct lighting, cameras, microphones, and accessories to meet the identified business needs. Never are cash-flow and ROI considerations left out of the equation. Our mission is to help our clients to be more successful in their business endeavors.

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