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Polycom Maintenance insures satisfaction and Return On Investment.
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    Polycom Maintenance:
    For Organizations that Understand the Dynamics of Change

    The dynamics of change is such that old habits are hard to break and new ones harder to accept...even if we know the outcome will be much better. The best way to crush a videoconferencing solution is to take the equipment away for a month. It seems to suck the life out of everybody's excitement and conviction about its benefits. Sure there is a warranty. The warranty only covers parts and labor though. It does not include a replacement unit. The repair and return time-frame could easily be a month. What about those meetings with your top client? What will they think? What about the sales meetings? What about the training programs? What about looking professional to both your own organization and the ones you do business with? If you want to move forward and you want complete staff buy-in, you need the solution to continue to work, even if a component fails.

    Polycom Maintenance will provide an overnight replacement on any covered component and we even pay the shipping. It means that trouble-shooting before you ship a part and technical assistance after the replacement arrives is always available. It means that your staff will learn to depend on the availability of the videoconferencing system. It means that your investment will pay for itself over and over again in reduced travel costs, lower customer churn, better product design, and lower employee turnover. Polycom Maintenance is a kind of ROI insurance in a world where nothing can be taken for granted.

    Ongoing Access to Technical Personnel:
    Because Organizations and their Communications Needs Change

    GAVX recommends that you cover your investment with Polycom for another important reason: change. As soon as your organization makes the change to videoconferencing for a number of applications, your needs are likely to change. Maybe you change your communications provider or system. Maybe you change the way you market or provide support. Maybe you merge with another company. Suddenly, your system configuration has to change too. Polycom Maintenance plans provide for unlimited video and telephone support provided directly from expert technical staff. They will be there when you need them or when you just have an idea to bounce off of them. Polycom future-proofs your investment for the unexpected changes that we can all expect to happen eventually.

    Continued End-User Training and Support:
    Commitment to Creative Applications and Staff in the Future

    GAVX also recommends Polycom Maintenance for one more critical reason: change. New executives and staff need training. New business needs will drive new applications for using videoconferencing. New skills, training, and simple, or not so simple advice will be required in order for videoconferencing to remain one of your competitive advantages. With Polycom Maintenance you will always have trainers and videoconferencing expertise as close as your videoconferencing room. This ongoing support is also included in the Polycom Maintenance package. Polycom is the difference between merely buying equipment and investing in a powerful solution. Invest wisely and mittigate risk by future-proofing your investment with Polycom from GAVX.

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