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Polycom Videoconference Equipment Installation
  • Onsite Installation
  • Network Configuration and Optimization
  • Vendor Coordination, Resource Logistics and Project Management
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Video Conference Videoconference Video System VideoSystem Video Conference
System configuration is customized to your firewall and IP or ISDN network.
Laptop & Desktop
  • PVX Software
  • V700
  • VSX 3000
  • HDX 4000
  • Small Team Meeting
  • V500
  • VSX 5000
  • VSX 6000
  • QDX 6000
  • HDX 6000
  • Group Conference
  • VSX 7000s 7400s 7800s
  • VSX 7000e 7400e 7800e
  • HDX 7000
  • VSX 8000 8400 8800
  • HDX 8000
  • HDX 9000
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Video Professionals
  • Professional Services
  • Needs Analysis
  • Room Design
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Maintenance

    Polycom Videoconference System Implementation:
    The First Step Toward Videoconference Rewards is Proper Installation

    GAVX provides professional videoconference system installation to help your organization to begin receiving efficiency and cost saving benefits as quickly as possible.

    Network Configuration and Optimization:
    Insuring that Your Videoconferencing System Provides Clear Results

    GAVX brings twenty years of network management experience to the table. We will work with your staff and current systems to insure a seamless integration. We will install the videoconferencing systems to the network components. We will test the connections, the bandwidth, and we will advise on security issues if they exist.

    Professional Project Management:
    So Your Staff can Focus on Your Primary Business Objectives

    Keep your team working on client or customer related tasks that they are experts at. Let us manage this specialized project so that your organization sees no interruption in business. Our team will quickly identify resources with each task and put a realistic schedule in place. This way; you will start seeing the benefits of videoconferencing before you know it.

    Video System . US is your Polycom videoconference equipment price and service value store.