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Videoconference Room Design
  • Physical Characteristics
  • Lighting, Windows, & Displays
  • Microphones, Speakers, & Accoustics
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Videoconference Room Design and Consulting services improve your ROI.
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    Room Design:
    Size, Shape, & Layout

    If your conference room or rooms are existing, GAVX will make recommendations that will optimize the value of that space. We will combine the knowledge we gain from the Needs Analysis with our experience in videoconference room design to customize your conference room. When possible, we would like to be part of the team that designs your new office space to insure that videoconferencing, as a business tool, provides the greatest utility.

    Videoconference Room Design and Consulting services improve your ROI.

    Lighting, Windows, Screens & Monitors:
    Getting the Perfect Picture

    GAVX will review your windows, window covering, and room layout. We may recommend backdrops, painting, or recovering walls to optimize the picture that you transmit in a videoconference. We will review the type and placement of your lighting fixtures. The goal is to meet or exceed your business requirements for videoconferencing as discovered during our Needs Analysis.

    Sound System Design:
    Microphones, Speakers, & Accoustical Recommendations

    One thing that most experts agree on in a videoconference, sound is the most important factor to its success. If you have trouble understanding a speaker, everything gained in the videoconference is lost. This is often overlooked however. We will review any existing sound system capabilities. We will recommend enhancements, additional microphones, and speakers as a part of our videoconference solution.

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