V500 is a simple, entry level video conference solution. V500 Videoconferencing
  • Only $1,499
  • No Computer Required
  • 30fps and People+Content(IP)
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Polycom V500 Videoconference Meeting.
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    V500 People+Content IP Software Option License

    People+Content software allows you to share data during your videoconference meetings. Collaborative videoconference meetings create the greatest return-on-investment.

    Polycom People+Content Software.
    People+Content IP: $699
    V-700 9.0 SW Upgrade

  • V500 Brochure
  • Getting Started Guide
  • V500 SOHO Videoconferencing System

    The Polycom V500 video conference system offers small businesses and small offices within an enterprise network to realize the advantages of videoconference communications.

    The V500 delivers natural, smooth motion video and crystal-clear audio in a convenient and compact design - ready to plug into a standard NTSC or PAL display and any broadband connection. It is ideal for the office environment and smaller conference room that is able to utilize a high speed broadband connection.

    No need to add a computer to video call over the internet simply plug the Polycom V500 into your television and your high speed internet connection and start calling. Within seconds you are talking face to face as naturally as if you're in the same room.

    Polycom V500 Graphical User Interface

    Easy to use set up wizards allow step-by-step guides for a quick installation. The simple remote control provides access to the power of the Polycom V500 and lets you easily answer an incoming video call or initiate a new one. An intuitive graphical user interface can be customized for any level of user. The main dialing screen can be configured with present dialing locations, for one-button calling. You also have the capability to see both near and far side video on screen simultaneously with Polycom Dual Monitor Emulation.

    Polycom V500 Videoconference System

    The Polycom V500 is standards-based and interoperates with other desktop or group conferencing systems to participate in any size video call.

    Why delay when your business needs it today?

    Polycom V500 Videoconference System

    Polycom V500 Sale Price: $1,499

    Primary V500 Features

    • Set-top Video Conferencing System with Built-In Camera & Microphone
    • Simplified Polycom remote control
    • Ready for any size TV - uses built-in monitor speakers
      Call Quality
    • H.264 video - 30 fps
    • Siren14 kHz audio
    • View content (TV resolution)
      Easy to Use and Versatile
    • Polycom graphical user environment
    • Dual Monitor Emulation
    • Integrated AES encryption
    • Polycom Web management interface
    • Remote call launch and monitoring
      Network flexibility
    • Supports IP up to 512 kbps
    • ISDN up to 128 kbps (separate model)
    Polycom V500 Web Access

    TheV500 can be purchased as IP only or with an additional 128k ISDN BRI capability.

    Polycom V500 IP: $1,499

    V500 ISDN SBRI: $2,349

    V500 IP Bundle: $1,949

  • People+Content Included
  • V500 ISDN Bundle: $2,749

  • People+Content Included
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