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Polycom HDX 9000 Telepresence Videoconferencing
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Polycom's HDX 9000 leads the way to HD Telepresence.
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    PVX Software: $149

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  • Polycom HDX 9000 Telepresence System
    High Definition Video Conferencing Solution

    Polycom® HDX 9000© Series Power, performance and flexibility makes it the professional A/V integrator's choice for highly integrated video conferencing environments.

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    HDX 9000-720: $17,389*

    9000 Codec, People+Content, PPCIP, People On Content, Remote, Rack Ears, Phoenix Connectors.

    HDX 9000-1080: $18,899*

    9000 Codec, 1080 License, People+Content, PPCIP, People On Content, Remote, Rack Ears, Phoenix Connectors.

    Polycom HDX 9000 Package and Rear View Picture
    Fast, Real-Time Decision Making at a Walk-Up HD Telepresence Solution.
    • True high definition (HD) video at 720p or 1080p resolution with the ability to connect multiple HD video sources
    • Polycom's VC2 vision realized with presence capabilities and full management of systems through Polycom Converged Management Application© (Polycom CMA©) solution
    • Hear voices and music clearly with 22 kHz audio in StereoSurround©
    • Share HD content easily in native resolution including images, documents and multimedia
    • Optimize your meeting room with the HDX Executive Collection floor stand or wall mount solutions
    • See and hear every detail with amazing clarity ·Polycom Ultimate© technology
    • Experience optimal video at any bandwidth
    • Expanded audio and video I/O allows easy integration for your application
    • Become part of your presentation with the exclusive Polycom People On Content© chroma key technology
    • Share CAD drawings, movies, images, spreadsheets and more; all in native resolution
    • Join multiple participants in a single call easily and quickly with optional multipoint software key
    Fast, Real-Time Decision Making at a Walk-Up HD Telepresence Solution.

    *Purchase of a Service Plan is required by Polycom prior to shipment. The HDX 9000 system does not include any camera or microphones because it was designed specifically for integration. The camera and microphone options are shown below. The 4-site multipoint license is available for purchase below. The 8-site multipoint license is only available on pre-owned HDX 9004 systems: Call 727-388-3400 for pricing.

    1-Yr. Premier Service: $1,395

    3-Yr. Premier Service: $3,350

    1-Yr. Premier Plus Service: $2,095

    3-Yr. Premier Plus Service: $4,999

    EagleEye Main Camera: $2,699

    EagleEye 1080 Camera: $4,999

    HDX Microphone Array: $399

    MPPlus 4-Site Multipoint S/W: $2,349

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