GAVX Video Conference System sales for all your Polycom Videoconference Equipment Needs.
GAVX Video Conference System sales for all your Polycom Videoconference Equipment Needs. Polycom HDX 7000
  • HD Video up to 1080p, HD Voice
  • Multipoint, UltimateHD Quality
  • Connect to Multiple Monitors & HD Content Sharing
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    Polycom HDX 7000 Series

    The Polycom HDX 7000 series systems provides flexible, affordable HD video conferencing for high-quality communication throughout mainstream workplace environments. Expanding the utility of visual communication quickly and easily, HDX 7000 telepresence systems are ideal for education, medical, enterprise and on-demand collaboration applications.

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    Enhancing collaboration with HD technology
    Intuitive interfaces allow users to adopt and use HDX 7000 telepresence systems quickly, while a variety of bundle options enable the HDX 7000 telepresence systems to be wall-mounted, free-standing or easily wheeled to any location to accommodate visual communication in any room. With embedded content sharing capabilities, HDX 7000 telepresence systems allow individuals to collaborate in HD detail on content such as diagrams, project plans, multimedia presentations and more.

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    Rich-Media Presentations Made Easy
    For rich-media group presentations, HDX 7000 telepresence systems display dynamic content and data in HD to enhance collaboration and audience participation. With Polycom People+Content collaboration technology, users can share presentations and live video simultaneously, allowing conference participants to interact naturally and dynamically.

    HD 1080p Option
    HDX 7000 codecs are designed as 1080p capable but sold as HD 720. HD 1080p can be activated via an optional license key, providing the flexibility to make calls at 720p & 1080p.

    View of a Polycom HDX 7000 in use.

    Buy HDX 7000 Online

    HDX 7000-720p :  $7,291
  • HDX 7000 Codec
  • Camera, Mic Array, Remote & Cables
  • Required 1-Yr Service $1,024 Added to Cart Price
  • HDX 7000-1080p :  $9,479
  • HDX 7000 Codec
  • 1080p Software Option Key
  • Camera, Mic Array, Remote & Cables
  • Required 1-Yr Service $1,024 Added to Cart Price
  • HDX 7000 Multipoint:  $10,034
  • HDX 7000 Codec
  • MPPlus Software Option Key
  • Camera, Mic Array, Remote & Cables
  • Required 1-Yr Service $1,024 Added to Cart Price
    • Technical Specifications
    • Video Input: 1 x EagleEye HD camera (HDCI), 1 x S-Video, 1 x DVI-I
    • Video Output: 2 x DVI-I HD
    • People Video Resolution: 720p, 60fps at 832k, 720p, 30fps at 512k, 1080p, 30fps at 1024k
    • Content Input Resolution: People+Content IP up to 720p at 30fps
    • Content Output Resolution: HD up 1080p
    • Audio Inputs: 2 x HDX Microphone Arrays Supported, 1 x Line-level stereo in (RCA), 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Mini (PC Audio), 1 x VCR/DVD Stereo Audio-In (RCA)
    • Audio Output: 1 x Stereo Output (RCA)
    • H.323 and/or SIP up to 4 Mbps
    • Polycom Lost Packet RecoveryTM

    Polycom Service Agreements
    Polycom requires the purchase of a one-year service agreement to accompany any new videoconference equipment purchase. The required service agreement provides for technical support by phone, overnight replacement of failed components, and unlimited access to software upgrades. We recommend Total Coverage because of the higher experience level of their technicians and more professional handling of customer concerns.

    Multipoint Option
    Optional multipoint supports up to four participants in a single conference in high definition with stereo audio.

    Click for large rear view of the Polycom HDX 7000.

    Polycom HDX 7000 Series
    Polycom HDX 7000 series are a key element of the total Polycom visual communication solution, which includes seamless integration with the Polycom RealPresence Collaboration Servers series conference platforms, as well as with Polycom Converged Management Application series for management and scheduling.

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    Software Options
    1080p HD License $2656
    RTV / CCCP License $885
    Multipoint 4-Site $2743
    HDX Accessories
    UC Board Sensor $1769
  • Use with HDX 7000, 8000, 9000
  • UC Board Sensor
    Remote Control $189
    Polycom HDX Remote Control.
    PTC Touch Control $1549
    Polycom Touch Control.
    EagleEye III $2776
    EagleEye III.
    Mic Array & Cable $459
    HDX Mic Array.
    Service Agreements
    HDX 7000 Series Codec
    One Year $1,024
    Three Year $2,600
    PTC Touch Control
    One Year $186
    Three Year $474
  • HDX 7000 Data Sheet