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    PVX Software: $149

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    Video Workstation Business Applications

    Distributed Video System Solutions:
    Creating Competitive Advantages by Improving Communications

    Personal videoconference systems, such as the Polycom V500 and PVX software, change the rules. They can be used from workstation to workstation and from the office to a hotel room. They can be used at the spur of the moment when seconds count and communications errors are not tolerable. Distributed video system solutions are changing business communications forever. More timely, more accurate, and more effective business decisions create the competitive advantage that propels the market leaders past the also rans.

    PVX Software: $149

    Click on the picture to go to the VSX Software, and Services Store.

    Call Center Solutions:
    Training Users to Save Time Online

    GAVX recommends web-enabled customer support systems. Customers should not have to learn those systems on their own however. There should always be an opportunity to get help with just a click. That help should be in the form of a smiling face and a friendly voice from a window on their screen. The support agent and customer should both be able to view the same screen as the customer learns the online support system.

    GAVX will work with your organization's Customer Support Management Team to customize a web-enabled customer care solution that does just that. It is not as expensive as you might think. These systems pay for themselves over and over again because they are effective at training customers to use your online systems. When this happens your call volume decreases. Only those customers who actually need a live body will call into the center when all of your customers are comfortable with your online capabilities. Now these systems are cost savers. In the near future, those companies that do not assist their customers with online help systems, will not be able to compete. Your organization still has an opportunity to adapt. Click and connect audio and video communications options on your website will be not be an option for businesses with customers. Don't wait till it is too late.

    Live Video Expertise Increases Sales:
    Efficiently Place Technical Experts in all of your Sales Offices

    Have you ever lost an opportunity because a potential customer needed technical assistance but you did not have a subject matter expert available? If you have multiple offices, you can distribute your expertise appropriately without over-hiring the more expensive technical or professional expertise. Equip your subject matter experts with Desktop (or Countertop) Videoconference systems so that they can be used at each office when they are needed. Don't make your customers wait. Don't lose that opportunity to close business when the customer is ready to buy. Improve your image and your customer care. Make your business the one stop shop for all the answers and all the business.

    When parts and paperwork or management decisions require eyes and ears, put a Desktop (or Countertop) Videoconference System to work for you. When a customer comes in with a part that needs replacement or a drawing that they want to show to somebody, show it to the subject matter expert by Video. Let your expert advise your customer on what to buy. Eliminate the confusion. Eliminate the indecision. Close the sale then. Eliminate product returns and costly mistakes. This is what customers want. It is just good business for everyone.

    Is there a product that you would like to offer at a few stores but you can only support one saleperson with the sales potential? Put one person at all of the stores with a Countertop (or Desktop) Videoconference System. Train and motivate your staff to bring customers to the salesperson by Video. Put the salesperson at the location with the most potential or have them bounce from store to store. This is the solution that increases sales and makes your business the one stop shop for products or services, professional advice, and quality customer care.